The promises of God in the Bible are numerous. Many promises are to do with God’s plan of redemption, and fulfillment of these promises are seen throughout Scripture. Some of these promises are still to be fulfilled.

However, these promises are not dependent on requirements being met, but on God’s mercy and goodness.

Other promises of God, however, are dependent on having a relationship with God. Those who trust in God can rely on His promises. They are for us as individuals and God’s people as a whole. These promises assure us of God’s goodness when we have faith in Him. They are for our spiritual, emotional, and physical needs.

Here are six situations in which you can find yourself, and a corresponding promise of God to have confidence in. Many of these promises may be familiar to you, so I have chosen less familiar translations or paraphrases to speak to you afresh.

1. When You’re in Over Your Head

God promises to rescue those who trust in Him. Over and over again the Psalms, in particular, attest to God’s assurance to save us from harm. David’s song, or psalm (see similarities to Psalm 18), in 2 Samuel 22:17 (NOG) says, “He reached down from high above and took hold of me. He pulled me out of the raging water.”

David knew what it was like to be in over his head. He spent many years on the run from Saul, intent on taking his life. Even after David was made king of Judah, hostilities continued between the households of David and Saul.
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