A little boy from Washington state is doing his part to eliminate his school’s outstanding lunch debt — one keychain at a time.
Keoni Ching has helped wipe more than $4,000 worth of cafeteria debt in his Vancouver community after he recently launched a handmade key chain project for his school’s “Kindness Week,” CNN reported.

With the help of his parents, April and Barry Ching, and his grandparents, the 8 year old has created over 300 key chains, which he sells for $5 each, according to the outlet.

In total, Keoni has earned a whopping $4,015 — a sum that will go towards the lunch debt of his school, Benjamin Franklin Elementary, as well as six others — all thanks to his appreciation of key chains and desire to help those in need. “I love key chains. They look good on my backpack,” Keoni told CNN, adding that he wanted to help others because “it just makes the world a better place.”
Source: People
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