The last few days it has been heartbreaking to hear about and praying for the families that suffered loss in senseless school shootings

I don't own a gun, nor do I desire to, but I believe fully in the Second Amendment.

However guns are not my God.

Since 2020, our society has encountered tons of issues we are all trying to fix. First it was the pandemic, the 2020 elections, the economy with the rapid rate of inflation, and more recently this week gun control with the senseless slaughters.

Do we need better leadership?  Do we need more awareness of mental health? Do we need better gun laws?  Indeed, and yes to all the above.

However I just came across a post on Linked-In that sums it up best..

"It’s about time we fix this issue doesn’t matter what political affiliation you are the deaths of those children are on your hands if you don’t support bringing God and prayer back into public schools. The statistics are clear - God and prayer were taken out of schools in 1962 and you can see for yourself the stats on mass shootings in schools since. Other statistics such as divorce and children being raised in single parent homes, suicide rates, all way up and generations of people growing up not understanding that they have a purpose, they are loved and understanding the hope and grace we all have in Jesus."- John Daniel Lemp

When’s the last time  you looked at the  back of a dollar bill?

Did you ever notice the words “In God We Trust?”

God is bigger than any gun we could ever carry, as well as any stance on guns, whether pro or con.

For the sake of compromise if we indeed have a gun problem in this country than we also have a God problem. Notice I say God problem and not God Problem. Society wants us to idolize and make things/replace God at times. 

Its ok because no matter where you are at God wants you back.
gun bible by luvmissle is licensed under Pixaby
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