The anti-Biden rallying cry "Let’s Go Brandon" is taking over iTunes, with rapper Bryson Gray’s song poking fun at the president sitting in the No. 1 spot of the music service’s chart on Monday, ranking ahead of pop music superstar Adele’s latest single. 

"Let’s Go Brandon," which takes multiple shots at Biden regarding his chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal, cognitive ability and handling of the coronavirus, features Tyson James and Chandler Crump. 

Gray’s "Let’s Go Brandon" music video features the rapper in a "Make America Great Again" hat with an "Impeach Biden" t-shirt as lyrics such as "Let’s go Brandon, when you ask questions they start banning.’" 

"Look at Australia that’s what coming if we don’t stand up, stop complying with them taking our rights it’s time to man up," Gray says in the hit song. 

The three-word chant has become an internet sensation after an NBC reporter at a NASCAR Xfinity Series race incorrectly reported that fans in the stands were chanting "Let’s Go Brandon" following a victory by driver Brandon Brown, when they were really shouting, "F--k Joe Biden!"

Memes, jokes, and comments immediately began to spread across the internet posted by users mocking NBC’s coverage during the interview.

The "F--k Joe Biden!" chants have since become popular at large sporting events across the country as the president’s poll numbers have sagged due to inflation and other issues, and have now been replaced in some venues with "Let’s Go Brandon" chants.

Another song titled "Let’s Go Brandon" by Loza Alexander was No. 3 on iTunes on Monday, as the anti-Biden chant has produced two separate songs that are both currently more popular than anything the Apple music service has to offer with the exception of No. 2, Adele’s "Easy On Me."
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