In a separate article, we looked at factual errors reported by various Christian celebrities about vaccines.

Let's move on from basic facts to basic principles. It is simply not a Biblical principle that it is immoral to benefit downstream from evil deeds. There is probably no more evil deed in history than the crucifixion of Jesus.

He was the most perfectly innocent person in history and the least deserving of death by torture. And yet, we all benefit from that "hour of darkness."

On a less profound note: the White House was built by slave labor. Should we refuse to use it because it is tainted by slavery?

How many rails, canals, and tunnels were built on the backs of slaves or the vicious exploitation of Chinese workers? How much technology is a spin-off of wars of conquest in the past?

The American space program benefited greatly from Nazi research in developing rockets to rain death down on innocent civilians. A great deal of anatomical knowledge is descended from grave-robbers or comes from cruel executions or unjust wars.

The Biblical principle is not that we may not receive any benefits from the deeds of evil men; it is that we should personally refrain from evil and receive good things with gratitude, knowing that what others intend for evil, God can use for good. If a 90-year-old diabetic smoker refuses a vaccination and dies because their favorite religious broadcaster told them it was a dead baby vaccine, they do not bring back the child who was killed in 1973.

They simply sacrifice another precious life. How is this pro-life?

Another highly problematic moral principle is that we should refuse to do something merely because the government orders us to do it. The Bible never teaches this. Quite to the contrary, the Biblical position is that we should obey government except when it commands us to disobey God.

The Biblical world-view is not that of the rebel. Jesus says to carry the pack two miles when compelled to carry it one mile.

This is a reference to the Roman law that required occupied peoples to carry packs for a mile for Roman soldiers.
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