Baby Yoda, the breakout star of the new Star Wars live action series The Mandalorian, is suddenly everywhere—by which we mean in every social media feed.
The Child, as the tiny green character is officially titled, has been memed for his penchant for touching things he’s been asked not to touch. And one industrious knitter is crafting a pattern that will allow others to replicate her homemade version of the big-eared charmer.

Allison Hoffman@craftyiscool
He’s done I’m writing the pattern. Thank you for all the #babyyoda love! #starwars  #themandalorian  #mandalorian  #thechild #yoda  #starwarsfanart #babyyodamemes #theasset #crochet #amigurumi #craftyiscool
11:51 AM - Nov 27, 2019
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In short, many people are swooning, which must please the executives at Disney Plus, the streaming service that created the show.
But according to the online news site Axios, Baby Yoda’s popularity should be raising red flags for the historically large field of Democratic presidential candidates competing for attention ahead of the US 2020 election.
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Source: Quartz
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