One of the reasons behind US sanctions is to financially pressure a rogue state, such the Iranian regime, to halt its destabilizing behavior and its march towards acquiring a nuclear bomb. But if sanctions are being freely violated without any consequences, there is no incentive for a predatory and dangerous regime such as Iran to stop its malign activities.

Although the US sanctions did have a negative impact on Iran's economy when they were first re-imposed by the Trump administration in 2018, they have become far less effective as many countries ignored and violated them -- all while the Biden administration has not been taking any action to deter, disincentivize or punish those who breach the sanctions.

According to the US Treasury Department, persons and entities that are neither American nor Iranian will be sanctioned if they trade with the Iranian regime.

The Treasury Department has clearly warned that the Iran sanctions are not limited to just Iranian or US entities:

"Consistent with this guidance from the President, the Department of State has revoked certain statutory waivers issued to implement the JCPOA sanctions relief, issued the necessary sanctions waivers to provide for an appropriate wind-down period, and plans to take appropriate action to keep such waivers in place for the duration of the relevant wind-down period, i.e., until August 6, 2018, or November 4, 2018,
depending on the activity. Non-U.S., non-Iranian persons are advised to use these time periods to wind- down their activities with or involving Iran that will become sanctionable at the end of the applicable wind-down period."

The Trump administration was holding those who violated sanctions and did business with sanctioned entities accountable.

In 2018, for instance, Communist China's Meng Wanzhou, the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei, the world's largest telecom equipment maker, was arrested in Canada at the request of American authorities.

Under the Biden administration, however, she was released to return to China.

China's ZTE Corp pled guilty to breaking US sanctions against the Iranian regime during the Trump administration.

The Trump administration sent a robust message that violating sanctions would not be tolerated.

But since the Biden administration came to power, it seems that almost everyone is freely violating the US sanctions on Iran, China or wherever, and no one is being held accountable.
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