Liberal comedian Bill Maher has never been a friend to leftist cancel culture, and once again condemned it Friday on his HBO show “Real Time.”
Inviting on former New York Times columnist Bari Weiss, who resigned from the paper after claiming she was abused for daring to consider other opinions, Maher discussed how baffled he was by the blowback from the recent Harper’s Letter, an anti-cancel culture screed signed by 153 people, mostly academics and writers.

“As a guy who did a show called ‘Politically Incorrect’ and another called ‘Real Time,’ thank you, because we need a pushback on cancel culture,” said Maher. “What strikes me about it is the pushback is coming from liberals, and almost anyone who signed this letter is a liberal!”
Bari Weiss described cancel culture as being less about criticism and more about “punishment” for people who do not ascribe to every cornerstone of left-wing political and social thought.

“We’re used to criticism. Criticism is kosher in the work that we do,” said Weiss, as reported by The Hill. “Criticism is great. What cancel culture is about is not criticism. It is about punishment. It is about making a person radioactive. It is about taking away their job. The writer Jonathan Rauch [of The Atlantic] called it ‘social murder.’ And I think that’s right.
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