Nancy Pelosi is going to lose her mind.

The Speaker of the House is about to watch everything she worked for crumble before her very eyes.

And that’s because Brett Kavanaugh dealt Nancy Pelosi the bad news that will ruin her life.

No one paid much attention to the FRANCHISE TAX BOARD OF CALIFORNIA v. HYATT case when it was argued before the Supreme Court.

But Clarence Thomas’s jaw-dropping opinion made everyone sit up and take notice.

The case – which overruled a 1979 Nevada v. Hall case – held that states have sovereign immunity from lawsuits filed against them in another state’s court.

That wasn’t an issue of vital national importance, but his majority opinion Clarence Thomas held that the Supreme Court would not be bound by “erroneous precedent.”

That sent shudders down the spines of liberals like Nancy Pelosi.

Left-wing Justice Stephen Breyer explained his dissent what the real threat to Democrats.

Breyer wrote that “It is far more dangerous to overrule a decision only because five Members of a later Court come to agree with earlier dissenters on a difficult legal question.”

The liberal jurist concluded his dissent by warning that “Today’s decision can only cause one to wonder which cases the court will overrule next. “

Breyer could only have been referring to one case in particular – Roe v. Wade.

The 1973 decision to impose nation-wide abortion is the left’s version of the Holy Grail.

It is the hill they will die on politically.

The Roe case is why the left politicized Supreme Court nominations beginning with Robert Bork.

When the smear campaign against Bork succeeded, Democrats only upped the false allegations they would hurl at conservative nominees to destroy any chance of Republican Presidents securing a pro-Life majority on the

Democrats tried to build on the success of the Bork hit job by destroying both Clarence Thomas and Brett

Kavanaugh with women coming forward to make false claims of sexual misconduct.

They failed.

Now with Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, the conservative justices on the Supreme Court felt confident enough in their majority to lay down a marker that they are not afraid to overturn wrongly decided cases.

And Roe v. Wade stands out as one of the worst Supreme Court decisions in American history.

Pelosi and her allies can only sit and watch as it appears the clock is ticking on that judicial travesty.

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