Confronted by an army of reporters after speaking before 5,000 cheering Democrats in her home state, Sen. Kamala Harris delivered a defiant response to recent media reports that her flagging campaign is crippled by internal disputes and on the ropes.
“I am very supportive of my campaign, of the people who are working on it,’’ she told reporters at the California Democratic convention after her appearance at a live Univision presidential forum here Saturday. “They've done great work which has gotten us to the point where we are today.“
“And let’s be clear,’’ she added. “We have to focus on the real issues in front of us. We’ve got an impeachment hearing going on, we’ve got a criminal living in the White House, we’ve got immigrants who are afraid of leaving their homes. We’ve got the 2020 census coming up. ... That’s where my head is focused.”
Source: Politico
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