Rumors have been flying around Washington that Clarence Thomas may retire from the Supreme Court in the near future.

All hell is on the verge of breaking loose.

And now Clarence Thomas dropped a major hint about his future that will leave jaws on the ground.

Some conservatives speculate that Thomas may retire before the 2020 Presidential election.

That would allow President Trump to nominate a younger replacement – Thomas is 70 years old – and eliminate the possibility of a Democrat President tipping the court to the left for generations by appointing his eventual successor.

And given President Trump strong judicial appointments there is no doubt he would replace Thomas with a much younger and equally staunch conservative.

At an event at Pepperdine Law School Thomas stated he would not retire in 20 or 30 years.

But his participation with a documentary slated to premiere in 2020 raised questions about his denials.

The famously press-shy Thomas – who avoids the Washington scene due to his bitterness over the fake news media and Democrats trying to smear him with Anita Hill's false allegations of sexual harassment during his
1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearings – is participating in a documentary about his career entitled "Created Equal."

Manifold Productions describes the film on its website:

"Although Clarence Thomas remains a controversial figure, loved by some, reviled by others, few know much more than a few headlines and the recollections of his contentious confirmation battle with Anita Hill."
During the hearings, Thomas famously beat back Hill's smear campaign by attacking Hill's Democrat allies as staging "a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas."

Despite Thomas's strong denials about retirement, some conservatives see his participation in this movie as part of tying up career loose ends.

Thomas is putting to bed the fake news and smears the Democrats dredged up nearly 30 years ago and providing the definitive version of his life story.

Some conservatives believe those are the actions of a man who sees the finish line in sight.

These conservatives believe the abortion cases likely to come before the court in 2020 give Thomas the chance to write the opinion that overturns Roe v Wade and provide the capstone to a legendary career.

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