The suppressive climate in Hong Kong cultivated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)—under which attackers can rampage the printing press of one of the city’s independent newspapers with impunity—is what Beijing hopes to foist ont0 the West, according to Guo Jun, director of the Hong Kong edition of The Epoch Times.

Once hailed for its democratic freedoms, Hong Kong has seen a steady rollback of its autonomy since the former British colony reverted to Chinese rule in 1997. Over the past year, Beijing imposed sweeping laws to criminalize vaguely defined acts of secession, subversion, and foreign collusion, while instituting electoral reforms declaring that only “patriots” could rule the territory.

Since then, authorities have prosecuted dozens under the new security law or other charges, including most recently media mogul Jimmy Lai, publisher of local outlet Apple Daily and a fierce critic of the Chinese regim“Hong Kong is the perfect example of how the CCP turned a free society into one where people fear speaking freely,” Guo said in a recent interview for The Epoch Times’ “American Thought Leaders” program.
“Today, even the Oscars can’t be aired in Hong Kong because movies have to be reviewed by the Chinese regime before they can be played in Hong Kong theaters. The Chinese regime, step by step, turned Hong Kong into this,” she said, adding that she has observed the same phenomenon happening in the West.

“Hollywood, some big tech companies, Wall Street, they need to do business with China, so they toe the Chinese Communist Party line when it comes to topics that the Chinese Communist Party does not like,” she said.
“Imperceptibly, things change around you and you realize the world is different,” she added. “People don’t dare to say what they really feel because they fear being attacked or discriminated against.”
china eye by Julian Tromeur is licensed under Pixabay
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