With Valentine’s Day on the way, Coors Light is encouraging animal lovers to find a place on their sofa for a furry new best pal in lieu of the usual soppy traditions of this most romantic time of year.

From February 5 to February 21, Coors Light will reimburse up to $100 in adoption fees for 1,000 eligible dogs throughout the US; contributing an estimated $100,000 overall. The big-hearted gesture extends to potential pet owner above the age of 21, who don’t even have to purchase a beer.

Those hoping to have their dog adoption fees waived should submit a receipt of adoption to the beer company via text message, texting COORS4k9 to 28130 along with a pic of the adoption receipt. Following a review, the first lucky 1,000 eligible participants will be gifted $100 to put towards their adoption fees, making a significant contribution to the costs of bringing their new buddy home.
Source: Unilad
dog adopt by Péter Göblyös is licensed under Pixaby Pixaby
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