Bernie Sanders is currently one of the front runners for the Democrat Presidential nomination.

But he has some explaining to do.

That’s because his world turned upside down when he confessed to this fraud.

Bernie Sanders built a loyal following of volunteers, donors, and supporters fighting Hillary Clinton all the way to the Democrat Convention in 2016.

The Vermont Senator currently places in the top two in all the polls for the Democrat Presidential nomination.

And Sanders raised more money than any candidate in the first fundraising period.

That makes the Vermont socialist a frontrunner by any definition.

But Sanders was tripped up by the revelation that he is a millionaire that earned his money on book deals.

Sanders – who is a socialist that made his name in 2016 railing against a supposedly rigged capitalist economy – was caught trying to justify his newfound wealth despite being a public servant.

Sweetheart book deals are one of the seedy inside schemes that politicians use to fatten their bank accounts.

And Sanders was no exception.

Politicians create no wealth.

They provide no goods and services.

But elected officials that enter Congress soon find themselves fabulo0usly wealthy thanks to their status.

Bernie Sanders became a rock star in American politics slamming “greedy” corporations and wealthy job creators.

But Sanders – who creates no jobs – owns three homes and is a millionaire.

This left many Americans – including more than a few of his own supporters – wondering if Bernie Sander entire campaign was based on a fraud.

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