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  • 2020-03-23
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  • 03/25/2020
The United States is one to three weeks from the exponential increase in infections caused by the unprecedented Coronavirus infecting and overwhelming our healthcare system.  The message millennials across the United States hear about their risk for COVID-19 has gone unheeded and created a cavalier attitude. They believe they are invincible and impervious to the virus.

They have heard no one under the age of 19 dying from the Coronavirus. This emboldens them further. They do not take it seriously when their family members tell them that they need to adhere to social distancing. There may be a lack of knowledge on the Coronavirus incubation period.  They have been told to avoid catching the virus, so they do not infect their older family members who are more susceptible to the deadly ravages the virus can cause.

There is another dangerous habit that is common among many young people and that is vaping. Vaping injures the lung tissues; they may not even be aware of the long-term health consequences of vaping. They have not heard of any possible correlation to whether or not vaping increases their risk of severe forms of COVID-19. There are so many unknowns about the virus that only time will give us the answers as we further study this dangerous virus.

“Teens and young adults that use e-cigarettes may not be aware of the damage caused to their lung tissue,” Rogelio Choy, M.D., Pulmonary Specialist in Palm Beach County said. “They are more susceptible to horrendous complications from COVID-19. Inhaling any kind of substance irritates and inflames lung tissue. Vaping makes you more susceptible to a myriad of lung diseases.” 
“Young adults and teens who vape will not only be at increased risk for COVID-19 infection, but intensity of presentation will be worse,” Ken Fuquay, M.D., Pulmonary Specialist in Palm Beach County said. “Vaping causes interstitial lung disease and is additive to any toxicity from the virus. This is already reflected by the higher mortality in VZV Pneumonitis, encountered in smokers.”
Source: MSNBC
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