So it was a chance encounter  at a Panera’s on a cold  day in December that I ran into the man responsible for  Celebrity Boxing Damon Feldman AKA 16 minute man. I have lived in Philadelphia for sometime and was aware of Damon's passion  and his promotional efforts going back to 2000 when he was doing events in local community gyms.I can honestly  say  that the man has been consistently passionate and genuine in his efforts over the years.

I thought  we all could use a break and spread some spotlight on something other than impeachment and caucus.  I am sure we are All tired out by the  rhetoric of The "Impeachment Ring". Perhaps  some of these politicians and DC Pundits  can  contact  Damon and settle their differences in the Boxing Ring. 

Damon  became  the  16 minute man  after his dream of  becoming a  World  boxing champion  came to an end  when an an out of the ring  accident occurred. Since 1996 he has beem  promoting boxing events putting celebrities in the ring . He has promoted  70 celebrity matches to date.
So I decided to ask Damon  about himself and what he has been doing along  with his opinion  on impeachment :

1)  What is your your name ?
 Damon Feldman aka 16 Minute Man 
2) Where you from?

3)How old were you when you first voted?

22 when I first voted 

4) Any thoughts on Impeachment and life in general?
Damon : "Just depressing it brings down the world and makes everyone look bad like they voted for the wrong person, plus all the money wasted."

5) What are you doing /promoting :
 Damon : "Working on my new TV court show, celebrity Boxing and Speaking engagements . A reality show about  Celebrity Boxing is about to become a reality. "

Damon and I  have been texting back and forth since December and I have been patiently waiting for a time to highlight him here at the American Dossier. Now that the drama of Impeachment is hopefully over,  perhaps some of the politicians will contact him about settling their differences in the ring and give back to a charity of their choice.

One of Damon's latest endeavors that caught my ear and eye  is his podcast Redemption . He describes Redemption as  a show about "never quitting, hitting rock bottom and rising to the top." In his first episode he shared his very personal story  of hitting rock bottom with depression and drinking that led him to jail time and making his comeback.   Over the past few weeks hs focused on a variety of issues with  his guests  ranging from discussing  weight loss transformation and mental health and near death experiences.

We hope Damon keeps us posted on his endeavors in 2020 and beyond.

Be sure to visit: Celebrity Boxing Entertainment

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