Freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar always finds herself in the middle of a national political firestorm.

But this time she may have went too far.

And then Dan Crenshaw stunned Omar into silence with this tweet.

Omar’s latest controversy centered around remarks she made at a CAIR-LA fundraiser back in March.

CAIR is an Muslim advocacy organization that critics accuse of sympathizing with radical Islamic terror groups.

During her keynote address, Omar exclaimed that the 9/11 terrorist attacks – carried out by radical Islamic terrorists who murdered 3,000 innocent Americans – were “carried out by some people” that “did something.”

Americans were appalled that a member of Congress would soft pedal the worst terror attack in American history.

Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas was one of the disgusted Americans.

Crenshaw is Navy seal and an Afghanistan veteran that lost his right eye when a terrorist’s improvised explosive device detonated.

Crenshaw – who is building a reputation as a savvy social media user – blasted Omar’s comments as “unbelievable.”

In today’s day and age there are very few lines that Democrats won’t tolerate their side crossing.

Democrats turned a blind eye to racist blackface photos and multiple accusations of sexual assault against the Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General of Virginia.

But can they afford to turn a blind eye to elected officials minimizing the murder of 3,000 innocent Americans carried out in the name of fundamentalist Islam?

Do you agree that Ilhan Omar’s comments were out of line?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.
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