Prayer is under attack.

Coach Kennedy prayed silently after every football game. He was fired for exercising his Christian faith.

Absurdly, federal courts (including the ultra-Left Ninth Circuit) ruled that because he was a school employee, their misguided view of the Establishment Clause trumped his First Amendment religious liberty rights. After a massive court battle, in which we filed an amicus brief, the Supreme Court overruled these flawed rulings and upheld Coach Kennedy's right to pray.

Prayer is fundamental. Prayer is constitutional.

We’ve been defending prayer and religious liberty on school campuses at the Supreme Court for decades. In fact, we recently filed in an appeals court case where a juror was thrown out for praying, and we won. 

We also defeated the radical Left’s attempt to shut down churches during the pandemic in court. Even with these monumental victories for prayer, anti-Christian forces will continue to attack your right to pray.

We cannot allow anti-Christian, anti-prayer forces to literally turn the Constitution on its head. The Founders intended the Establishment Clause to protect religious liberty, not squelch it. 

We must ensure it never does. Take action with us to protect prayer and religious liberty. 
pray2 by Gerd Altmann is licensed under Pixabay
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