Democrats are debating how broadly to make their impeachment case against President Trump, with some lawmakers seeking to expand the list of charges even as House Judiciary Committee members signal a relatively narrow approach.

House Democrats at the first Judiciary Committee impeachment hearing on Wednesday gave the clearest sign yet of the scope of their likely articles by unveiling posters featuring three possible charges: abuse of power and bribery, obstruction of Congress and obstruction of justice. 

“I’m for a keep-it-simple scope,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), a Judiciary Committee member, told The Hill during a brief break from the Wednesday hearing.

The charts provided a clear signal of intent by the Judiciary Committee, as did counsel Norm Eisen’s pointed questions to a panel of constitutional experts about whether Trump had committed the impeachable offenses. Three witnesses invited by Democrats all answered affirmatively.
Source: The Hill
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