Voters will decide whether to give President Trump a second term in just 11 months. 
The most divisive president of modern times has endured historically low approval numbers but he cannot be counted out for reelection — in part because polling in the key battleground states indicates he is competitive with his would-be Democratic challengers.

What are the big questions that will affect Trump’s chances?

How much does impeachment taint him? 

Trump is the third American president to be impeached. But in contrast to the other two— President Andrew Johnson and President Clinton — Trump has taken that hit in his first term. 

Will voters balk at reelecting an impeached president? Or will his supporters rally to his side?
The president has blasted back at the impeachment effort, alleging it to be a “hoax,” despite an abundance of damaging evidence. House Democrats say they had no choice but to impeach him.

Will it all matter electorally? 

Trump’s approval ratings have been stagnant over the past year. There is little sign that impeachment has moved them much in either direction. There has been a bit more variance in polling on impeachment itself. Support rose sharply around the time that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) announced her backing for the effort at the end of September, and it has eroded slightly since the House impeached Trump earlier this month. 
Source: The Hill
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