Not to be cliche it’s important to Give it all to God whether it be happiness or sorrow.

We all just got past tax season and groceries are nothing short of costing an arm and a leg.

So here we are almost at the mid-point of 2022. 

Have you been complaining or praying?

Granted that this website is widely focused on politics we must pray for all things whether we agree or disagree. 

 The issues such as abortion, mid-term  elections, and the Ukraine  all take a back-burner when compared to God's infinite love, mercy and justice.

We are  all called to place  our dismay and  hardships  before  God's infinite love and mercy.

As a Christian by faith I believe that there is more to life than its earthly offerings.  At the same time it is all too easy to lose perspective of that.

Especially in a western culture in which we are conditioned  to worry about keeping up in worldliness with  nice shiny things and appearances.

Even worse with social  media we believe we can solve everything with  a tweet or  Facebook posting.

Sorry to disappoint, the reality is that with all  the apps and instant messages we are humble creatures with an appetite for salvation whether 
we know it or not.

In the end the only thing absolute is God.

Guilty as charged I sometimes forget the essence  of feeding  my soul and nourishing my relationship with God. I believe that God will meet you where you are. God does not require one to have a five-star life altering story or experience to let him in. 

I believe that there is a misconception that one's prayer must be perfect, thunderous, and holier than thou. 

Furthermore, I believe God takes all prayers whether it be Christian, Muslim, Jewish or other. 

I am sure many will scold me for such a statement.

Please let us put aside all theological and philosophical debate as we are at a critical period of humanity.

All it takes for us is to be open with our hearts to Jesus as God will do the rest whether it be a simple plea of a mustard seed or shouts from a mountain top. I think we are living in a time more than ever of God's Grace and mercy.

Praying can be as simple as driving to work and having a conversation with God. Prayer can be as simple as a smile to a stranger.

I do not know of anyone of whom at some point in their life was either angry bitter or confused in their relationship with God.

It's ok He can handle it. If you stumble, He will catch you.

If you are need of prayer or would like community to pray with, please visit:

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