Harvey Weinstein hobbled into court in Manhattan on Friday for a hearing on his sexual assault case where prosecutors claimed he had violated bail conditions by 'mishandling' his electronic ankle monitor. 

The 67-year-old looked frailer than at his last appearance, clinging on to one of his aides as he made his way into the courthouse while another carried a cane. 

The decline in his health is down to Type 2 diabetes and a spine condition, both of which have been exasperated by his ongoing legal woes, according to sources cited by Page Six. 

Weinstein will go to trial in January on five sexual assault charges. 

He was in court on Friday for a bail hearing in light of a New York law change which will take effect next year which eliminates cash bail for nonviolent crimes to make it easier for poorer defendants to await trial at home as opposed to in custody. 

It has little bearing on his case but he was required to go before the judge. A final decision on whether to keep his $1million bond the same will be made on Wednesday. 

Prosecutors pushed for tighter conditions, asking for a $5million cash bond and claiming that he had violated his bail conditions by going unaccounted for for hours at home. 

His attorneys said he had only ever once left his home without a part of his ankle monitor which keeps it activated and that he notified them straight away.

'The minute he realized he forgot it, he made a phone call,' Donna Rotunno said. 

She later emphasized outside court: 'The monitor is on his ankle at all times.'  

Weinstein will go to trial in New York in January on five counts; first degree rape, third degree rape, criminal sexual act and two counts of predatory sexual assault.  

The charges relate to two incidents involving two women; one who says she was raped by him in March 2013 and one who says he forced her into performing oral sex on him in 2006. 

He has repeatedly tried to have the case against him thrown out. 

On Friday, his lawyers said prosecutors were unfairly utilizing the media to convict Weinstein in the court of public opinion before letting the case go to trial. 

His lawyer, Donna Rotunno, accused Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi of relying on Ronan Farrow and New York Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, who led to Weinstein's demise with separate exposes in October 2017 to help her case. 

'The media [is] already out on the case - Ronan Farrow and Jodi and Megan do that for her,' she said.  

Weinstein was originally charged in May 2018 over two alleged incidents; the 2013 'rape' and a 2004 incident involving Lucia Evans who said he had forced her to perform oral sex on him. 

The third incident, which he remains charged over, was first revealed in a second indictment in August 2018.  

The charge relating to Evans' allegation was dropped in October 2018, however, after his lawyer's proved that one of the detectives leading the case had failed to tell prosecutors that a witness doubted her account. 

The two indictments have now been consolidated into one and he will face trial over the alleged rape in 2013 and alleged oral sex in 2006. 

He has always vehemently denied any allegation that he forced anyone into oral sex. 

The charges resulted from an avalanche of allegations which began in October 2017. 

Actress Annabella Sciorra will testify in court that he raped her too. 

She claimed in an interview with The New Yorker that Weinstein fought his way into her apartment and raped her in 1993 or 1994. 

They had been at a dinner when, she claims, he forced his way into the apartment after dropping her off in a car. 

She alleged: 'He shoved me onto the bed, and he got on top of me. I kicked and yelled.' 

She claimed he ejaculated on her nightgown, which was a family heirloom from Italy, and said: 'I have impeccable timing.' 

Sciorra said struggled for years with whether or not to speak out.

When she was first contacted by Ronan Farrow in March 2017 - before the scandal broke - she denied it. 

She then made the rape allegation in an interview in October that year, after a handful of women had also spoken out about him. 
Source: Daily Mail
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