Former US Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissinger warns that a return to the Iran deal could start a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.
  • Iran is pushing for more appeasement from Joe Biden
  • Iran to expel nuclear weapons inspectors if US doesn’t lift sanctions
  • EU says it will boost efforts to save Iran nuclear deal despite violations
  • South Korea to send delegation to Iran over tanker seizure
Add one more voice of reason to the long list urging President-elect Joe Biden to rethink his plan to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal: Henry Kissinger warns that it could kick off a disastrous nuclear arms race in the Middle East. At a conference for the Jewish People Policy Institute on Monday, Kissinger argued that Biden should by no means reverse President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the accord.

Biden has said he means to return to it as long as Iran agrees to comply with the restrictions on its actions. But Kissinger notes that the deal’s time limits on key restrictions and “so many escape clauses” render it effectively useless in stopping Iran’s nuclear development.
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