Today  we  put a new President in office.  It does not matter if one agrees or disagrees  with the election results. It is the beauty of American Freedom. God calls us to pray for leaders because he knows that prayer moves hearts towards him. In government, schools, home, the workplace, and more, leaders bear loads we are called to help pray them through. - John Katz, Editor, The American Dossier
We find leaders in our churches, schools, workplaces, and homes, and our local, state and national governments. Leaders carry vision and bear great responsibility. They are vision-casters and vision-fulfillers. They lead, guide, and make tough decisions every day. 

We need to pray for our leaders because clamoring voices and opinions fill their minds and pull them in opposing directions. They need prayer to help them bear the burden of authority as well as decipher the right decision that serves the vision and purpose of their office. 

God calls us to pray for our leaders because he knows that prayer is what moves hearts towards him and softens our hearts towards others. It’s easy to pray for the leader you like, whether it’s a pastor, a boss, or a city councilman. But when it’s someone you don’t like, whose ideology may be different than yours...this command to pray for them gets challenging.

A Prayer for Leaders in Government

Lord, as our leaders lead in government, I pray for their salvation so that they would know you and desire to serve you with their lives. As they fulfill their role in government, give them wisdom and discernment to make decisions that benefit our city, state, and nation. Protect them from double-mindedness and corruption. For those that know you, I pray that you would strengthen their integrity and give them the fortitude to stand on your truth so that they glorify you. Our government leaders need the wisdom that only you provide. Reveal yourself to them and draw them to you. Amen.

A Prayer for Leaders in Church

Father, fill the leaders in our church...pastors, deacons, the worship team, and the various boards, with integrity of heart and wisdom that comes from you. Let them bind love and faithfulness to their hearts as guides in their leadership position. May they know your love and faithfulness so that they can show love and faithfulness. Give them a spirit of humility and deepen their desire for more and more of you. Let your Holy Spirit shine a light into their hearts and give them the courage to do what is right when the world says they’re wrong. Amen.

A Prayer for Leaders in our Schools

Holy God, be with our teachers and school administrators as they oversee the education of our children. Let their hearts be sensitive to you and to the children in their care. Give them eyes to see beneath the obvious. Help them know how to call out the good in students and, with mercy, address the bad. Give them hope when they see none, and direction when they need it. Stir in their hearts a passion for you and your righteousness so that as they work in the school systems, others would know you through their treatment of others. Amen.
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