The $3.5 trillion spending bill proposed by President Joe Biden and his progressive friends on the Left called the “Human Infrastructure Bill” is being debated in Congress right now.  Most of it is to build the socialist paradise that Senate Budget Chairman Bernie Sanders and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dream about: new household entitlements, new employer mandates, Medicare benefits expansion and all kinds of corporate welfare subsidies in the name of the Green New Deal and industrial policy spending.

The last thing the American people need is a slowed down economy with a bloated federal government that sends us further into debt.  We can’t afford it! The result will be higher taxes on corporations and on capital gains and when corporations have to pay more, then you and I have to pay more in gas prices, in food prices, in goods and services these companies provide. It is a disastrous way to approach an already troubled economy post Covid.

On this week’s episode of CURE American, we bring together a group of experts to walk us through this $3.5 trillion progressive spending bill to tell us what’s in it and why it will hurt our economy
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