Many Christian children in the world who belong to the persecuted church face extra pressure during the season of Christmas. However, they put on their most beautiful dresses ready to embrace the celebrations. Join our trip around the world to see how children of the persecuted church celebrate Christmas.

Palestinian Territories: Maria and Sophie

Where better to start than where it all started? Maria, 10, and Sophie, 7, are proud to live near Bethlehem, in a place called Beit Sahour.

"You should all come and visit the nativity church at least once!" they say.

Today Christians are a minority in the place where Jesus was born. This is difficult enough, but they mostly suffer from the ongoing conflict between their country and Israel.

"We pray for peace," the sisters say.

Kenya: Mary

"Together" is a word associated with Christmas in Kenya, as Mary, 13, explains: "Christmas starts with a normal service - the pastor preaches, we worship.

"After the service, we eat and drink together because there are those who do not have money to buy food to celebrate in their homes. We all come together and share so that everyone has enough."

The sharing doesn't end in church. The Christians in Kenya also share the Word of God on that special day.

"Christians from all churches go around sharing the Gospel," Mary says.

"That is where someone may come, push you and accuse you of something you have not done. The hawkers that are around also insult us and spread negativity about us. They pour water on us as we go sharing the Gospel around the area."

Despite all this, she doesn't hesitate to join the others in her church, sharing her faith.

Iraq: Lydia and Youssif

In the Christian town of Qaraqosh in Iraq, the church is packed on Christmas Eve. The house where Lydia, 11, and her family live is beautifully decorated inside and out.
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