Appearing on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” to explain why he is endorsing Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), former Sen Joe Lieberman, who ran on the Democratic presidential ticket with former Vice President Al Gore in 2000, praised Donald Trump as a ‘disruptor” of the status quo which stunned host Jonathan Capehart.

Getting past Lieberman’s endorsement of the embattled Collins, who the former lawmaker called a “friend,” Lieberman admitted that he would be voting for former Vice President Joe Biden when the topic turned to Trump.

“Absolutely,” Leberman replied. “I served with Joe for 24 years. He’s honorable, he’s effective, he has a program. Look, President Trump has been a disrupter in some ways as president that’s been positive. In a lot of ways I disagree with the result and –.”

“Wait,” Capehart interjected. “Does disrupter — how has he been a disrupter in a positive sense? President Trump.”

“For instance, on some questions of foreign policy,” Lieberman responded. “I disagreed with the Iran nuclear agreement and he took us out of the agreement and I think that’s been good for our security, but in a lot of other ways, the ways he’s handled the pandemic or he’s handled the response to the murders of African-Americans by police, that’I a disruption that I think has been negative and I think Joe Biden is the perfect person to step in and bring some unity not only to our government, or our country and frankly to bring a kind of calm which America needs right now to progress and have a better future."
Source: Raw Story
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