So how many times do you hit the snooze button in the morning?

A lack of sleep and various stressors can lead to poor performance not only in the workplace but in all aspects of life. So, what if we could have a 40-hour work week over 4 days?

Think about how many fewer callouts there would be saving companies millions on sick time.

Think about how much productivity could increase.

Think about it. According to ABC News, the average American commuter drives thirty-two miles a day.

220 million Americans average commute is an hour and a half each day in their cars.  About 3.3 million people travel at least fifty miles to work one way according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Talk about giving ourselves a raise and an opportunity to appease the Global Warming crowd at the same time.

Let us do the math. The average car gets about thirty-two miles to the gallon, and gas is costing on average as of now $4.65 …that would be an additional 241.80 which could make for a nice weekend getaway or 2 months of electric bills.

On a grander scale for those 3.3 million that average a hundred miles a day it would be $725 a year. The average raise is between 3-5%.
Inflation is affecting the cost of goods such as food clothing, cars, and other everyday essentials.

There is now talk by Goldman Sachs CEO LLoyd Blankfein that possibility of a recession is now a “very very high risk.” Some say we already are in one due the reality of globalization.

My point in closing is simple. The inflation train has not been this bad ever. I remember the 70’s and at the rate we are now we are  beyond suffocation.

Beyond the obvious partisan divide over taxation the 4 day work week approach, may be the only option for the near future. However not the solution, which is more the reason us voters need to better practice the homage of buyer beware.
working man by N/A is licensed under pixabay
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