It’s at about this time every year that millions of people around the world start thinking about next year.

They imagine the habits they will start…next year. They think about the weight they will lose…next year.

They dream about the money they will make and save…next year.

But, more often than not, our New Year’s Resolutions give way to the delicious cake, the soft couch and the credit card.

It’s usually not that much different when it comes to our spiritual resolutions. We commit to having our time with the Lord every morning, to do more praying, to give more generously, and to share Jesus more often.

But then, well, life happens. We get busy. We forget.

Far too many Christians leave a trail of broken resolutions behind them come February (or, sometimes, by January 2nd!)

Actually, for years and years, I was the worst (or the best, depending on how you look at it) at making unrealistic annual resolutions. I would make lists of detailed resolutions in late December and resolve not to break them. But, like a bull in a china closet, I’d soon leave shards of broken promises all across the floor of my once-again-disillusioned soul.
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