Maxine Waters has been front and center on the calls to impeach Donald Trump going back to last year.

Removing the President from office is her stated goal.

But Maxine Waters just picked this fight with President Trump that she instantly lived to regret.

A Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, Waters is leading the charge to subpoena Deutsche
Bank and other financial institutions that do business with Donald Trump and the Trump Organization.

Waters and other Democrats believe those financial statements are a Rosetta stone to uncovering as-yet-undiscovered Trump financial crimes.

In reality, it’s just Presidential harassment, and Democrats hope to uncover politically embarrassing nuggets they can deploy against Trump as he runs for re-election next year.

Trump is fighting all these subpoenas in court, arguing that the Democrats investigations serve no legitimate legislative purpose and are politically motivated attempts to start criminal proceedings.

Democrats claim they need access to Trump’s financial statements as part of their oversight authority to determine if the President is in compliance with current law.

The Democrats claim to nonpartisan fact-finding missions took a massive hit when Republicans on the Financial Services Committee erupted in anger over the conduct of Chairwoman Waters.

During a recent hearing with bank regulators Waters never informed the Republican minority when the hearing would end.

Republicans also documented several instances of Waters partisan bullying in interviews with Politico.

Politico reports:

In follow-up interviews, Republicans said the incident was part of a pattern of the Waters team not keeping the GOP in the loop on committee activities and veering from House rules. That included not giving sufficient formal notice of Thursday's hearing and allowing a documentary to be filmed during a different hearing this week, they said.

They pointed to her scolding of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin last month when he tried to leave the committee after three hours of testimony to meet with a foreign dignitary. Also, Republicans have complained about timely notice when Democrats issue subpoenas.

Waters behavior will backfire on multiple fronts.

First, she is adding ammunition to Republican arguments that Democrats are not conducting legitimate oversight investigations, but are instead pursuing a single-minded impeachment agenda.

Second, an impeachment inquiry is a political dead end for the Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi has been trying to pump the breaks on impeachment talk because she knows it’s a loser for her party and that it will only serve to boost President Trump’s 2020 re-election prospects.

But Maxine Waters – as evidenced by her conduct as Financial Services Committee Chairwoman – is spoiling for this disastrous fight.

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