Move over Tooth Fairy.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more absurd, President Biden and company want to give $450k  in American tax dollars to each family who entered our country illegally.

A lot of American citizens live below the poverty line and thousands of veterans are homeless. I witness this everyday, through my work on the frontline to end veteran homelessness.

Yet Biden and his administration are considering giving money to migrants who came here illegally. 

The surviving family of members of our armed forces who get killed in the line of duty get less than that. And President Biden's proposal is downright disgraceful.

This in not about racism, these folks violated our laws by entering our country illegally. This is taxpayers’ money once again basically paying  for a chicken in every pot. Who does Biden think he is?

Regardless of political persuasion one might have there is absolutely no thought for the American taxpayer.
Chicken pot by Jason Goh is licensed under Pixabay
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