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  • 2020-01-26
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  • 01/27/2020
An MSNBC anchor made what is sure to be the worst reporting gaffe of 2020, while reporting the death of Kobe Bryant.

Alison Morris was reporting on the helicopter crash that claimed the life of Bryant along with his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven others on board. As Morris was talking about how well Bryant fit on the Los Angles Lakers, she appeared to use the N-word.

After the slip, Morris quickly moved to a commercial break. Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjFmYYAN2XY

MSNBC appears to have a 15 second broadcast delay, as some markets aired the gaffe, while others cut to 15 seconds of silence.

As footage of the broadcast went viral, viewers began to call for MSNBC to address the issue. A Change.org petiton was also started, calling for Morris to be fired. See the petition: https://www.change.org/p/alison-morris-reporter-get-alison-morris-fired

In a tweet published Sunday evening, Morris said she did not use a racial slur and instead just stumbled over her words.

“Earlier today, while reporting on the tragic news of Kobe Bryant’s passing, I unfortunately stuttered on air, combining the names of the Knicks and the Lakers to say ‘Nakers,'” she wrote on Twitter.

“Please know I did not & would NEVER use a racist term,” Morris said. “I apologize for the confusion this caused.”

But some Twitter users were not buying Morris’ explanations.

“Girl just quit it’s Over for you. On behalf of the internet, we don’t forgive you,” one user wrote.

Another Twitter user insisted: “Nah you said the whole thing, own up to it.”

This isn’t the first time the network has faced issues regarding racial slurs. In 2002, during an interview with CORE national spokesman Niger Innis, MSNBC displayed a graphic identifying him as “Nigger Innis.”
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