It’s worth noting that woke liberals like to claim “both sides” have a free speech problem because conservatives don’t believe woke teachers should be able to insert porn, gender-bending, and teaching kids to hate white people into high school math class. However, controlling what teachers are allowed to pump into the brains of impressionable children isn’t a free speech issue at all. Teachers are paid to do a job and that job doesn’t include preaching weird propaganda to kids in public schools instead of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Our education system is supposed to be politically neutral and healthy for kids.

Demanding that teachers do their damn jobs instead of trying to groom children doesn’t impinge on their free speech. If a teacher can’t break open the Bible and teach kids Christianity during school, teachers shouldn’t be able to lie to kids and tell them that they can pick their gender.

We don’t allow cops to make political decisions about who they pull over and Republican firemen aren’t allowed to decide to just let liberal houses burn down, so why should liberal teachers be allowed to push their beliefs on children who were sent there by their parents to be educated, not brainwashed?

On the other hand, woke liberals really have become increasingly hostile to free speech. On college campuses, they go to lectures in order to shout the speakers down. They try to destroy people via cancel culture for having run-of-the-mill opinions they disagree with. Most importantly, the woke liberals’ social media monopolies that control so much of our discourse, censor and penalize people for having even mainstream opinions that clash with liberal beliefs. Take it from someone who was suspended for 30 days for posting this “community standards violation” on Facebook. This is a real phenomenon:

The jury may have later agreed with me, but Facebook still considered having this opinion to be an unforgivable sin. Of course, Facebook’s hatred of free speech is right out of the mainstream liberal playbook. In fact, Democrats in Congress are urging social media to be bigger censors. This is often couched as “fighting misinformation,” but “misinformation” increasingly seems to be defined as stories that are inconvenient for liberals.
Cancel culure by Marcus Winkler is licensed under Pixabay
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