Sexual Assaults on and Forced Conversion of Christian Women

Bangladesh: Two Muslims brutally raped a married Christian mother. On the evening of February 5, the 43-year-old woman was at home alone (her husband worked nights and her son was studying at a distant school). Two men broke in and attacked her. According to the woman:

"With their faces covered, they looked like thieves, but instead they wanted sex and started beating me up. As I tried to disentangle myself, I recognised Mohammed Alam's face [a neighbor]. They kept beating me; I was scared and helpless. I asked for some water and they gave me a glass mixed with a sleeping pill that made me unconscious for three days."

When her husband returned home from work on "the next morning he found the door open and his wife on the floor, undressed and unconscious." He proceeded to file a complaint at the local police station against his neighbor, Mohammad Alam, and his accomplice.

Mohammad was arrested, though his friend remains on the run. "Alam thought that since we were very weak Christians we would not raise our voices," his victim explained. Her husband said that, although their Muslim neighbors initially "showed their solidarity and denounced the attack," once he filed the complaint, all these same "local Muslims sided with Alam, claiming he could not have done it... His brothers also offered me money to withdraw the complaint, but I told them that I want punishment for the attackers."
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