Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a magnet for controversy.

But this one may take the cake.

That’s because this war hero just handed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the worst embarrassment of her life.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was home in the Bronx speaking before Community Board 11 – a local group in her district.

Ocasio-Cortez figured this to be a friendly audience because her district is one of the most heavily Democratic in America.

However, on this day, that was not the case.

Ocasio-Cortez was in the process of unleashing one of her usual tirades about how President Trump is terrible and America is not a great country when something strange happened.

Three individuals got up and walked out.

The group left the meeting after Ocasio-Cortez ranted that America was to blame for the civil war in Yemen

But these were not three ordinary citizens.

Silvio Mazzella – who served in Vietnam – led a walkout with two other veterans.

“She knocks the country, she knocks the president. And that’s not what America is about,” Mazzella told the New York Post.

“I just couldn’t hear her BS anymore. I just got up, got my umbrella in my hand and walked right out,” Army veteran Anthony Vitaliano – who is also the Chairman of Community Board 11 - added.

This was a significant embarrassment.

And even though Ocasio-Cortez’s district is packed with Democrats, not even Ocasio-Cortez wanted a fight with America’s heroes.

Her spokesman tried to deny anyone walked out of the meeting.

But that was a lie.

“Everybody that was there knows I walked out,” Vitaliano responded.

This is a battle Ocasio-Cortez cannot win.

Americans will side with veterans over slick politicians any day of the week.

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