United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) now says that there is a surge in fentanyl coming across the United States border, and the agency has seized more of the incredibly potent narcotic in the first several months of 2021 than it did in all of 2020.
“Customs and Border Protection seized more fentanyl so far in 2021 than all of 2020,” ABC News reported Tuesday. “As of April, 6,494 pounds of fentanyl were seized by authorities at the border, compared to 4,776 pounds in all of 2020. In fact, fentanyl seizures have been increasing since 2018.”
“Fentanyl is an incredibly potent opioid that is 50-100 times stronger than morphine,” an expert noted to ABC News, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fentanyl use and abuse surged. Overdoses have continued to ravage the United States even after lockdowns have eased.
CBP has also seen a slight increase in the amount of methamphetamine seized at the southern border and a slight increase in the amount of narcotics seized overall, particularly along the United States-Mexico border, which is also suffering from a steep increase in illegal immigration.

“CBP’s Office of Field Operations has seen a slight increase in narcotic seizures at its southern border ports of entry in fiscal year 2021,” the agency said in a statement. “As cross-border travel shifted to essential-travel only, criminal organizations shifted their operations as well. CBP has seen an increase in seizures amongst U.S. citizens and in the commercial environment as both demographics are exempt from the travel restrictions.”
Source: Daily Wire
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