A lot of speculation is swirling that after a Democrat sweep of Washington DC in 2020 and five months into the Biden presidency, the US Supreme Court decided to take up two cases that could change our cultural landscape towards conservative principles.

The agenda of the Biden Administration has moved so quickly to the Left, the entire country is witnessing what happens when you put power in the hands of progressives whose intent is more government intrusion into our daily lives, more spending and more control from Washington and less freedom for the American people.

Many Red states are implementing new laws and working to lessen the impact of these new federal policies on their communities. One barometer this year is Virginia, the home of many of the founding fathers where liberals have taken control of the government. In this week’s episode of CURE American, we delve into the potential of Virginians rejecting these left-wing policies at the ballot box this year and what that means for the rest of the country.
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