For the past two years, Robert Mueller and his investigation haunted President Trump’s administration.

But now the tables have turned.

And all hell broke loose when this Deep State agent said eight shocking words.

For the last two years, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein sat at the center of the intrigue surrounding the Russia investigation.

Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as the special counsel kick-starting what Donald Trump called a “rigged witch hunt.”

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe wrote in his book that Rosenstein was so unnerved by President Trump firing then-FBI Director James Comey that Rosenstein offered to wear a wire to record the President and conspired with cabinet members to use the 25th Amendment to declare President Trump unfit to discharge his duties.

Trump supporters saw Rosenstein as the Deep State’s “inside man” within the Trump administration and wondered if the President would fire Rosenstein.

That did not happen.

And despite the liberal media’s claim that President Trump sought to obstruct the Russia investigation, Trump left Rosenstein in place to oversee Mueller which allowed Mueller to complete his work unimpeded.

Now that the Mueller report is in, Rosenstein finally submitted his long-rumored resignation.

Rosenstein wrote that “I submit my resignation effective on May 11,” Rosenstein wrote to Trump.

The liberal press was appalled that Rosenstein praised Trump in his resignation announcement and even alluded to Trump’s “America First” campaign slogan at the close of his letter.

“We keep the faith, we follow the rules, and we always put America first,” Rosenstein wrote.

Rosenstein leaving the Department of Justice allows Trump to close the book on this episode.

The Mueller report is in, and the special counsel announced he found no evidence of collusion and did not bring an obstruction of justice charge against the President.

With Attorney General Jeff Sessions and now Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein out, the President can now put in place a team whose loyalty won’t be in question and that he can trust.

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