Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s world was turned upside down when Attorney General William Barr confirmed the Obama administration colluded with the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign.

His testimony ripped the lid off the biggest political scandal in American history.

And now Rush Limbaugh just asked the one question that is bad news for Pelosi and Schumer.

Pelosi and Schumer could barely contain their rage after Barr’s Senate testimony.

Schumer demanded Barr “retract” his comments that he believes the Deep State spied on Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.

Pelosi ranted that Barr was “off the rails.”

Rush Limbaugh used a recent broadcast to put their attacks on Barr in context.

Limbaugh noted that every time President Trump pointed out that the Mueller investigation was a witch hunt based on a hoax the fake news media would howl that Trump was undermining the investigation.

It was even reported that special counsel Mueller investigated Trump’s public criticisms of his work for obstruction of justice.

Limbaugh asked that since Schumer and Pelosi were criticizing an investigation and could vote to withhold Depart of Justice funding were they not also engaging in obstruction of justice?

Limbaugh explained on a recent broadcast:

Now, my question is this. Aren’t all of these Democrats — Schumer, Pelosi, Pencil Neck, Nadler, James Clapper, Toobin, F. Chuck Todd — are they not obstructing justice here? They’re criticizing the investigator. These clowns are already obstructing justice by their own definition.

I mean, weren’t we told that Trump obstructed justice when he criticized Comey and then he slammed Mueller and called it a witch hunt all day? Where are the calls now for investigations of Schumer and Pelosi and F. Chuck Todd and Nadler and Clapper?  Because it sure looks like a conspiracy to obstruct justice and prevent an investigation, if you ask me!  It looks like these people are hell-bent on doing everything they can to stop this investigation (i.e., obstruct it) and further to discolor it and disqualify it — and, by the way, these are not empty threats.

Schumer and Nadler and Schiff control the DOJ’s purse strings.  As members of Congress, they’re in charge of allocations, spending authorizations.  So how can anyone doubt that we are witnessing a clear attempt to stop Barr’s investigation and to obstruct justice “in plain sight,” as Nadler and Schiff might say.  Now, you might think I’m trying to be clever.  You might think I’m trying to be funny.  Maybe so.  But I’m also dead serious.  This is exactly the kind of thing they said Trump was guilty of obstructing.

Do you think Pelosi and Schumer are trying to interfere with Attorney General Barr’s investigation?

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