We’ve all heard about it. Cancel Culture.

It’s the idea that as people in modern society look back on things that have happened in the distant or not-so-distant past, some of those aspects of culture or behavior should be “cancelled” or shunned and never again receive positive attention. It’s a tricky topic, to be sure.

There have been arguments waged for years, talking about the benefits and negative effects of the so-called cancel culture. Yes, predators like Harvey Weinstein should be punished. But no, many say, art should not be censored.

In some ways cancel culture feels like a modern-day fad. In others, it seems a necessary way to progress and build a better society. But however you look at it, one thing is clear: it’s hard to define and hard to talk about without nuance, without engendering upset feelings.

protest by N/A is licensed under Pixabay
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