Socialism in the US? Really!! Even Communist China gave up Socialism. After 25 years of totalitarian Communist Rule and Socialist Economic policies, China came to the conclusion that Socialism was a failure, the famine and the death that Socialism caused eventually threatened China’s Communist Party rule and China was moving toward anarchy and the destruction of Chinese Totalitarian Communist Party control and power. 

The Chinese people were rising up and ready to take back their government. In order to save all the Communist Power over the people, the Communists decided to discard their chosen Socialist Economic structure and embrace Market Economic policies if not just to try to keep their power over their people. It worked!! Over the last 50 years China has first been able to feed its people, excellent, keep it’s people from taking down the Communist Power Structure, and now looking toward becoming a rival to the U.S. Superpower. Quite the accomplishment.

But even though China abandoned Socialism long ago, they do not support a “Free Market System” like here in the West. No Communism does not allow freedom, China requires total control. Is this what our leftist friends want for the United States? Do they realize or even recognize Communist China got rid of Socialism long ago? Because everywhere it’s been truly tried, it’s killed tens of thousands of people by hunger and violence, mainly perpetrated by authoritarian government leaders? Socialism is, will be, and has always been a train wreck. 
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