In the week between Super Tuesday and the coming Super Tuesday II, the Democrats have flipped the script: Joe Biden is again the front-runner and Bernie Sanders is back in his familiar role as the feisty underdog.

“Right now Joe Biden is in the catbird seat, period,” GOP strategist Evan Siegfried told The Post. “He is ahead of where Hillary Clinton was after Super Tuesday in 2016 — and at this point in 2016, Hillary was 6 points up.”

The resurrected Biden, speaking to a jubilant crowd of 1,500 in St. Louis Saturday, said, “What a difference a week makes!”
After the 2020 field consolidated in last week’s Super Tuesday primaries into a two-man race between the former vice president and the Vermont senator, both campaigns are eyeing a trove of delegates this Tuesday from Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington.

The ex-veep’s campaign is boasting of a huge $22 million fund-raising haul in the giddy wake of his monster South Carolina victory last weekend and his Super Tuesday romp that followed, when he picked up a total of 649 delegates — and took a comfortable lead in the Dems’ presidential sweepstakes.

He has thrown $12 million of that cash into a six-state ad buy in three of the states that vote this Tuesday, along with delegate-rich Florida, Illinois and Ohio, where Democrats head to the polls on March 17.But Michigan, with 125 pledged delegates up for grabs, is Tuesday’s top prize. “It’s a critical state,” progressive activist Jordan Uhl told The Post. “Michigan is a working-class stronghold. It’s also a swing state. This can prove electability … It’s a better metric of how a candidate might perform in the general [election].”
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