By now, everyone knows that millennials have it hard — or at least, harder than other generations. 

As Hillary Hoffower for Business Insider previously reported, millennials hold only 3% of the total wealth in the United States, while baby boomers account for nearly 60% of the country's wealth. 
"Gen X and millennials haven't even reached these wealth levels. Thus far, Gen X only comprises about 16% of US wealth," Hoffower wrote. "And perhaps most strikingly, the line for millennials is almost completely flat: They've barely seen any increase in net worth, coming in at less than 5% of total US wealth in 2019."

But there are some places where it's better to be a millennial than others, and information firm Zippia has the data to prove it.
Zippia determined the best and worst states by taking each state and the District of Columbia, then ranking them based on factors including millennial unemployment, average student loan debt, millennial homeownership rates, and the percentage of millenials who were living in poverty in that state. These factors were then averaged together.
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