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  • 2019-11-20
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  • 11/25/2019

The Leftist propaganda machine is running circles around itself trying to prove that Bevins Kentucky loss is the first sign of a Trump Train derailment. As usual the machine could not be more wrong.

First of all it is important to understand that the movement behind Trump is not actually about Trump and never was. Rather Trump is a figure and person to whom this ragtag band of Americans known alternatively as the grassroots or Tea Party movement has chosen to support because he represents our frustrations and ideals with the very clearly broken American Republic and way of life; but in no way shape or form is Trump the end all be all of our movement.

While the President says and does many things with which the movement agrees the movement does not blindly follow this American leaders every recommendation. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevins loss despite Trumps endorsement is a prima facia example.

Look we all know that Matt Bevin has been a weak and only semi-representative candidate long before Trump came along. Bevins first run at politics in Kentuckys 2014 Senatorial campaign and most of his political runs thereafter have been utter and complete train wrecks not simply because of bad campaign management in the early runs but also because Bevin is frankly a weak candidate.

We are after all talking about the guy who thought it would be a good idea to appear at an honest to goodness cockfight complete with actual roosters blood and flying feathers to deliver a campaign speech.

In 2014 as well as Bevins first Gubernatorial run of 2015 anyone with an ounce of political insight knew Bevin was doomed and should not be in the race. The only reason Bevin won in 2016 is because he was marginally better than his Democratic opponent. 

Had Trump not entered the Kentucky Governors race with a Bevin endorsement the Governor would have lost in a landslide. Reliable polls leading up to Trumps endorsement show Bevin was 20 or more points behind his opponent nearly every step of the way. The good folks of Kentucky just dont like Ol Matt and its only because of Trump that the soon to be former Governor lost by as little as he did. The fact that Trumps Bevin endorsement was able to drag a weak and unpopular Governor to a small loss instead of a landslide actually reflects that Trump is not only still viable going into 2020 but actually quite strong.

However it also makes clear that Trumps supporters do not offer blind and blanket endorsements just because the GOP machine and even the President himself say so. The American people are a whole lot smarter than any of the DC pundits and pollsters give them credit for and ultimately 2020 just like 2016 will be won or lost based on individuals and policies not the endorsements and come-along-or-else scare tactics of any party machine. Trump will win 2020 because his stiff backbone and strong policies restored the wallets and lives of the American middle class; but GOP politicians should not automatically expect to receive that same support from voters simply because the President said so and the GOP machine would be wise to pay better attention.

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