This week I shot a "prototype" video with Pastor Bill Devlin regarding a basic understanding of what is going on with the CCP, China and Africa in 2021.  
Dr. William Devlin is a frequent contributor to The American Dossier and the volunteer CEO of REDEEM!, an international high-touch humanitarian organization that works in 14 countries in Asia and the Middle East.

I have been wrestling all day on whether to post, as the quality is no where near that of an "Academy Award" winning documentary.  We are not about that status quo. The essence of his message is well worth the risk of presenting it with an "easter egg" and all.

This past year much of the media, whether the topic be politcal or COVID, their mission has been about FUD. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt have been their agenda. Our message is not that. Our message is truth and literally "buyer be aware".
blood mon by N/A is licensed under Pixabay
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