The well-known criminal defense attorney voted for Krasner. Now, he's ready to unseat him.

Though we have a lot to get through before then — e.g. coronavirus and, you know, picking a president — Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner will be up for reelection next year. And guess who intends to run against him? None other than Chuck Peruto, the Rittenhouse Square-based criminal defense attorney who has represented the likes of Gary Heidnik and Joey Merlino, among countless others. We caught up with Peruto after his afternoon Peloton session to learn more.
Philly Mag: I saw you post something recently on Facebook about your desire to run against Larry Krasner. And I have to admit, I assumed it was a joke or just you venting.

Chuck Peruto: I’m not joking at all. A lot of people run for office and voters don’t really know where they stand on issues. So at 5 p.m. one day, I just started typing away, writing my position paper. I finished around 3 a.m..
Wow, late night.

This guy gives me energy to write about him, to criticize him, and to run against him.

Did you vote for Krasner in 2017?

Yes. I did. But I didn’t know where he was going to truly stand on things. I thought that a defense lawyer like him — well, he was more of a civil rights lawyer, but he did do defense work — I thought that he’d have some good ideas coming on the heels of having a fat crook in the office by the name of Seth Williams.

But I had no idea he would turn out to be this liberal. Let me tell you: I have been a registered Democrat my entire life. But when it comes to the DA’s office, I don’t care about party. It’s about doing the right thing. It’s not about doing what you feel like doing. You are supposed to be an advocate for the victims of crimes. The fact that you think somebody might be innocent is absolutely irrelevant.

You are supposed to let the people decide.

Just as a quick aside regarding Seth Williams: he’s scheduled to get out in September, I think. Any words for him?

I’ll be the one driving the limo that will pick him up. He may not make it to the halfway house. You can print that.
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