On Friday, the Supreme Court Friday overturned Roe v. Wade.

The bigger issue at hand is regarding how we deal with the zealots on both sides which  essentially has become  the Devil’s playground of fear, uncertainity and doubt.

Biased news reports cover the fast-changing laws and the heated clashes between pro-life and pro-choice proponents much like ambulance chasers for the glory of tabloid platitudes.

Already the feeding frenzy of fear uncertainty and doubt is at full throttle fanning the flames for the sake of the almighty dollar.

Those Who have lobbied for abortion rights for the past 5 decades have heralded it as freedom of choice and a right.

There are sadly certain circumstances in which abortion is warranted, namely rape and incest.  

It is more than ever to be empathetic those who differ and have had made  that choice of having an abortion.

However, let us also look at things from a biblical perspective in regard to freedom and choice. Not in a bible thumping way.

In Galatians 5:1, 13-25, Paul asks us to consider using our freedom that Christ has gifted us not for self-indulgence. But instead, to use our freedom in acts of service – “becom[ing] slaves of one another.” Here, we see Paul framing freedom in terms of “freedom for” rather than “freedom from.” 

It is almost impossible to not hear the political ramifications of such language in our day and age much so in Christ’s time

An often-quoted line from Spiderman ... “With freedom comes great responsibility”

With freedom bearing the connotations of a “right” to hoard in our American context, Paul’s words are challenging and contrary to our secular modern “awoke’ times.

This biblical passage challenges  how we use our freedom.

If we are constantly caught up in biting and devouring our neighbors, are we not making fools of ourselves and the gifts of Christ?

Also, let us be clear God offers forgiveness and restoration from abortion.

Is an abortion freedom, A choice? A right?

There will unfortunately be a manfactured media circus for decades to come.

So, what now?

How do we talk about all this?

Abortion...the topic of abortion will remain heated until Jesus returns. It is the ultimate worldly battleground of the enemy, and the only defense for Christ-followers is the armor of God and his mercy to those deceived. Now it is time to pray and talk more than ever.

When believers engage with one another, or with non-Christians, about any topic it is important to have  knowledge be informed, stay peaceful and be kind, know when to walk away, pray for those that disagree with you and all involved.

This indeed is the only response to the constant fodder of the Devil’s Playground.
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