China Daily, a news agency controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, is paying American media outlets big money in “advertising” and reprinting its publication. Time takes CCP money 

The Washington Free Beacon reports that part of Time Magazine’s deal includes publishing an article “touting a controversial Chinese drone maker accused of helping the government surveil Uyghurs and boosting the Chinese Communist Party’s latest five-year economic plan.” The Time article doesn’t mention the Uyghur surveillance, however.

Time has published 75 online articles from China Daily as part of the lucrative ad deal, which began late last year. The Time webpage discloses that the company is paid to publish the China Daily articles, though not that they are state-sponsored propaganda…

…The China Daily article about drones appeared just after the Trump administration blacklisted DJI, China’s largest drone maker, citing concerns that Chinese intelligence could use the drones to collect data on American citizens. The Chinese government has allegedly used DJI drones to surveil Uyghur Muslims, millions of whom are held in detention camps in the Xinjiang region. Under Chinese law, companies are required to comply with data requests from the government.
The article highlights uses for DJI drones other than surveillance of Uyghurs. It notes that DJI has sold 40,000 drones for agricultural work over the past year and that the company is “helping farmers improve efficiency and increase the use of intelligent agricultural equipment.”
China Daily published the article on its own website on Dec. 25, a week after the Trump administration put DJI on a blacklist.

China Daily has paid more than $1.6 million for “advertising” campaigns in the Los Angeles Times, Financial Times, Foreign Policy Magazine. It has also paid more than $1 million to  Boston Globe, Seattle Times, Los Angeles Times, and the Chicago Tribune to print copies of its publication.

The breakdown of the $1.6 million is as follows: $700,000 to TIME, $272,000 to the Los Angeles Times, $291,000 to Foreign Policy magazine, and $371,577 to the Financial Times. It also paid more than $1 million to major newspapers, including the Boston Globe, Seattle Times, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Tribune, to print copies of its publications.
Source: The Lid
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