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  • 2019-12-18
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  • 12/30/2019
In a mind bending turn of events, Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrat harpies gave viewers political whiplash as they announced both articles of impeachment AND agreement with Trump’s trade deal in not only the same press conference, but nearly the same breath; leaving viewers – and moderates – wondering just what in the blue hell is happening in the DNC.

Here’s the skinny –

Democrats in Trump won districts are beginning to sweat.  Despite the MSM’s (main-stream  media)constant drumming of the impeachment, Trump’s support numbers continue to rise and stay strong.  


Because Trump, through his brilliant re-negotiation of various trade deals has rescued the economy from the ravages previously imposed by Nancy and her buddies Barry Obama, Chuck Schumer and Hillary.  If left to those progressive pills, our economy would still be in chaos and mall parking lots would be as empty as they were back in 2013.  NO ONE, including Ol’ Nancy, wants America to go broke again. 

The reality is average folks really don’t give much of a rip about moonbeam AOC ideas on so called climate change and free everything for everyone pipe dream policies.  What Americans DO care about is whether we can keep a roof over our head, a car in the garage, food on the table and dinner out with the wife every once and a while and maybe, just maybe a vacation for the family.  

Americans also, it turns out, give much of a rip about the political word games the Democrats keep trying to play to hide their complicity in keeping us all flat broke for 10 years.  We KNOW the truth, and we aren’t going back to the Obama poverty years…and that’s what is scaring Nancy into praising and supporting the latest Trump Trade Deal even as she condemns him, because if she doesn’t her party will lose power again.

Moderate Democrats in Trump won districts are beginning to wonder just how they can campaign to keep their cushy Washington DC jobs in the face of the very loud progressive movement on Capitol Hill.  The answer, they fear, is the same way the rest of America plans to keep OUR jobs – by keeping Trump in office.  

That means no voting for impeachment, no removal of ‘the People’s President’ from office and no appeasing little Alexandria almost-an-economist-but-not-really Ocasio Cortez and her band of merry progressive anti-Semitic ‘Squad’ peeps.  Pelosi knows this too, so the acquiescence to Trump’s Mexico Trade Deal is a nod to keeping those Trump jobs growing, in hopes just those jobs will keep voters from kicking moderate Democrats to the curb.

Newsflash, Nanc, it won’t work.

Call us bumpkins or fly over county folks, but regular Americans have loads more common sense than the average politician, and we realize you don’t bite the hand that feeds you; especially when that hand is feeding you more and more, allowing you to keep more of your own money AND changing the face of the entire judicial branch in order to restore our Constitutional liberties.

 No wonder the Democrats are panicked – Donald Trump is taking people off the plantation.  Money in our pockets, liberty restored, and globalism kicked to the curb; Donald Trump is liberating America.  We are no longer slaves.

Apparently the prospect of working class Americans both financially and physically free to enjoy our Constitutional liberties so much that Adam Schiff has lost all reason, as this week he giddily announced that his ‘investigation’ of Trump will be never ending, until Schiff and his anti-Trump cronies can find something, anything, of which the President might be guilty.  Ayn Rand warned us of such abuses of power would come.

“There’s no way to rule innocent me.  The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals.  Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them.  One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws” Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, 1957.

Adam Schiff is just the kind of tyrant Ayn Rand, George Orwell and so many others tried to warn us of.  They saw the writing on the wall, they saw petty tyranny growing as our liberties and our financial stability were slowly eroded by the government officials who mean to keep us totally and completely under their control.  

All those dystopian books and movies that came out of the last century warning of bleak futures controlled by evil men perched atop the heights of the political system, weren’t just scary entertainment – they were warnings.  And if we don’t want to wind up living in an Escape from New York, (or more recently) a Mockingjay type future; we’d best put an end to this impeachment baloney right away.  If you thought the world was safe and you could simply go back to your old ‘Dancing with the Stars’ watching ways just because Trump was elected, you were wrong.  

Now the REAL work begins – supporting the President so he can continue to lift the chains Democrats and crooked Republicans, (I’m, talkin to you Bush & Romney families), have tried to trap us in.

But there is another play here, so subtle, so deft that only a long-time politico like Nancy Pelosi would dare attempt it – stealing the Senate.  

You see, due to a largely unknown rule, Senators cannot campaign during an impeachment trial.  No visits home, no fundraising dinners back in the district.  No stump speeches and no local town halls.  Furthermore, Senators cannot speak during the Senate trial, so no grandstanding for the cameras either.  

Pelosi is hoping the DNC will launch strong opposition candidates in Republican Senate districts where, due to the Senate Impeachment rules, Senators will not be able to defend themselves from insurgent attacks.

Pelosi plans to steal the Senate.

Forget about the polls.  Forget about the talking heads.  Call your Congressmen NOW and tell them end the impeachment or lose your seat, because we’re DONE being your slaves.  

Then get out and help your Republican Senators win their elections like never before; because THIS TIME it really IS for the life or death of the Republic. 
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