So, did you ever hear the tale about Chicken Little declaring the sky is falling? 

 I guess with the current price of gasoline surging no one listened to that environmentally focused ‘green chicken’?

Or better yet did that green chicken not look both ways before crossing the road?

I can keep on going on with this analogical/philosophical  riddle for eons.

Ultimately with the price of gas and groceries we are all evolving into headless and hopeless chickens.

Such as it is in life  in  the 21st century  the world's population continues to  grow at over  8 billion 
and counting.

Much of  this debate from a Christian perspective  revolves around  survival and the challenge of  faith in God vs  faith in Man. 

Which is often an on going theme here.

Amongst all creatures  great and small, mankind is the greatest on the  evolutionary scales of kicking itself in the arse.

Choose  an issue  whether it be  going green or abortion rather than listening to each other  and having prayer and  dialog...we  panic and fight  and alienate  each other.

I don’t know  about you at times am guilty as charged.
We all are.
At the same time, we are afraid to have principles of absolute truths out of fear of offending or hurting each other’s feelings.

I am not a hardcore environmentalist, and I am challenged by the basic concept of recycling trash items. It is an indeed a time-consuming chore.

I hate paper straws and as much as I love animals detest the notion that my local grocery store is charging me $ .53 per environment friendly bag to keep a seagull from choking.

However I get it. From a Christian perspective we need to be good stewards’  to the environment.
But must it be to the extremes we are encountering in how we are treating one another?

Responding to environmental problems will always be a pertinent issue for our generation and generations to come

Help the environment and hurt your business, or irreparably harm your business while protecting the earth. 

Yes, both business and the environment can win. Being green is no longer a cost of doing business; it is a catalyst for innovation, new market opportunity, and wealth creation.

However the result of the current presidential administration and agenda and system has become inefficient and ineffective.
And worse yet un-empathetic to every everyday Joe who cannot afford a $60-100K electric vehicle.

The solution is going back to implementing change in phases and to stop choking the public all at once. 

Perhaps if we stopped over taxing, regulating and inflating everything, an electric vehicle could become an affordable alternative.

Until then guess who is paying? The chicken or the ones eating crow?

The only solace right now is in the voting booth and to eat more chicken, I guess.
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